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ReFactory is a mobile 2D strategy game based on popular PC-games: Factorio™, Satisfactory, Factory Town, Evospace, where you need to build a factory on an hostile planet.

Use your imagination and management skills to design the interaction processes of various elements of your ReFactory:

  • gather resources
  • research new technologies
  • build infrastructure
  • automate the production
  • fight hostile monsters

Today, there is no worthy analogue of Factorio™ among mobile games despite the fact that there is interest in such games. Millions of Factorio™ funs are waiting for a similar game release for mobile devices, which is confirmed on the forums and in social networks.

Supported platforms: Android, iOS, WebGL, PC, Mac

At the moment, the game is launched on the Vkontakte social network:

You can take part in testing the upcoming new version of the game (updated every week).
Download beta-version: standalone PC


  • July-December, 2019 - Start of work. Game engine.
  • January, 2020 - Creating basic objects of the game
  • February, 2020 - Work on UI and animations
  • March-April, 2020 - Alpha version
  • May-August, 2020 - Closed Beta version
  • September-October, 2020 - Open Beta version
  • October-Febrary, 2020/21 - Creating new content
  • March, 2021 - Release mobile version
  • Spring, 2021 - Completion, bugfix
  • Autumn, 2021 - Multiplayer